Dangal is an Indian/ Bollywood movie. This movie is about a man Mahavir and his wife who are waiting to have a son. He was a wrestler when he was young but gave it up to fulfill his father’s wish to raise a family.  He is deeply saddened when he finds out that the third baby is also a girl. Mahavir now has four daughters but two of them become huge stars.  Geeta and Babita come home from school after beating up two boys. According to the article Woman and Sports in the United States, it states that girls aged 9-12 have larger stronger bone and muscles structure.  Many boys only get there strength around 15-16. This shows how the girls were much stronger than the boys of their age.  Their father realizes that he doesn’t need boys to train as wrestlers.  He has his two daughters. Mahavir trains his daughters morning and night with strenuous activities.  He made them play against boys and he made them work extremely hard.  He did make them cut their hair to make a statement even though the girls did not like it. At first the girls resisted and hated their father for putting them through hardship, but he tells them how they are going against the stereotype of being a house wife. He motivates them to do their best and they soon start winning all over India and finally Geeta wins and became India’s first female to win a gold at the games.


This movie is based on a true story.  I hope this movie motivates girls to chase for what they want and not worry about the stereotypes or hatred from men and other women.



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