Three Myths about Women Sports

Myth: Women’s strength and speed are naturally inferior to men.

Fact: All men are not stronger of faster than all women.  There is an overlap in the strength and speed of men and women.  Women are also tend to be as good or better than men in some sports like gymnastics because of their body sizes.

Myth: Colleges are not at fault for having athletic departments with a disproportionate number of males.  Women are not as interested in athletics.

Fact: The institutional average for athletic recruitment for Division 1 schools is greater for male sports, and lesser for female sports.  If recruitment money were spent equally for women and men, schools would undoubtedly increase the opportunity of enrolling an equal number of women and male athletes.

Myth: Sports are not an important issue for women’s equality.

Fact: Athletics affect pay equity, leadership development, and women’s health.  The exclusion of women from sports creates a false image of women as the weaker sex, which leads to our exploitation in all walks of life.

-Alex Pongchit

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