Female Athletes and Viewership in Today’s Society


The typical stereotype of an “athlete” is portrayed as a strong, resilient man. Ask most kids or adults what gender they think of when they hear the word “athlete” and most of the time it will be male. Why is that? Why is it that men seem to dominate the sporting world. Much has to do with simple biology. Men, on average, are quicker, stronger, taller, and have faster reaction times than women (taken from studies from Clemson University). This advantages them to excel in athletics. That is why there are Women’s sports and Men’s sports; if women were allowed to play with men, there would virtually be barely any women in sports. They just don’t compare. Look at the track and field statistics; men have stronger lifts, faster times in every event, higher jumps, and longer throws. Even in swimming, that fastest woman’s (Katie Ledeky) time would be a mediocre time at best when compared to men. By the way, she is a PHENOMENAL athlete. Just look at the way she destroys her competition. What I’m getting at, is that society prefers to watch men’s sports because comparatively, men excel at sports more than women (physiologically).

This physiological disparity should not deter people from watching women’s sports. Respectively, Women’s sports are exciting to watch. It’s just unfortunate that not many people watch games from leagues such as the WNBA. It has a lot to do with stereotypes, as girls are deterred from a young age to play sports. Which is completely wrong. They grow up pressured into thinking sports make them less “feminine”. When this mentality changes, only then will women’s sports be appreciated.

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