Stereotypes of Black Women that Need to End

Listed below are some common stereotypes associated with black women. Some are on the outs but their influence can still be seen today in media, advertisements, and literature. These ideas and perpetuations are ultimately harmful, leading to a disproportionate amount of violence towards women. The stereotypes include these different figures:

  • Mammy
    • a mothering figure; usually portrayed as older, overweight, and dark skinned; an idealized caregiver; could be sassy
  • Sapphire
    • A dominant women; one who steals the role of men; lacks motherly compassion; strong; masculine; overbearing
  • Jezebel
    • Sexual promiscuity; sex hungry; having uncontrolled lust; increased fertility
  • Savage
    • Seen as not human; primitive; childlike; easily deceived; animalistic
  • Welfare Queen
    • A woman who takes advantage of the welfare system; uses deceptive methods to earn more cash (such as fake names, addresses, husbands); uses the money for herself and not her family
  • Angry
    • A woman who is independent; aggressive; loud; demanding

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