Women’s Liberation

As mentioned in the previous blog, the women’s movement has taken a large surge of support since the 1980’s. However, this blog is going to be mainly about the liberation movement. So the women’s liberation was a “radical, multiracial feminist movement that grew directly out of the New Left, civil rights, antiwar, and related freedom [...]

Women’s Liberation Movement (1960’s)

The Women’s liberation Movement began from the 1960’s until the 1980’s. It was a feminist movement that refers to multiple different campaigns on issues such as maternity leave, sexual harassment, women’s suffrage etc. I decided to focus mostly on the 1960’s because I feel like the beginning of the movement was able to accomplish a [...]

Summary of Visionary Feminist by bell hooks

The way feminism has changed shape and direction is the primary strength of contemporary feminism. Feminists’ dream was to replace the dominant culture with a world of participatory economics grounded in communalism and social democracy, a world without discrimination based on race or gender, a world where recognition of mutuality and interdependency would be the [...]

What’s Next for the Feminist Movement?

Feminism has unintentionally made many enemies. Continuing in this way, the movement itself will only have historic relevance in the way that it affected society at large but having no modern-day machine to carry on its mission. So what is next for feminism? Does it go down the tube in favor of other modern movements? Is there a place for feminism in the future? If so, what needs to change about the movement and its message in order to be of use to people today?

The Future of Feminism

When Donald Trump was announced President, I remember sitting in my dimly lit dorm room at 3am staring with disbelief at Google’s electoral map sealing the fate of our country for the next four years. Donald Trump, a disrespectful, ill-qualified (in my opinion), and uncultured man, is our President. Trump’s win seemed to erase all [...]