5 Things You Should Know About Women Incarceration

  1. 64% of women in jails across the United States are women of color, according to a study conducted by the Vera Institute of Justice in August 2016.
  2. African American women are more likely to go to jail than other women.
  3. Many women in prisons are incarcerated for non-violent crimes like prostitution, fraud, or drug offenses.
  4. Many women in prison are mothers and served as the primary caretaker for their children.
  5. Many incarcerated women are facing or have faced violence and abuse like domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and child abuse.
    • About 56% of women in prison report that their abuse was rape and 13% reported that they have experienced an attempted rape.
    • Some women who are not arrested face violence through rape, battery, or are forced to perform actions, normally derogatory and sexual, to avoid false accusation from the police officers (Richie, 8-11).

      women in prison
      This infographic depicts how 90% of women in prison for killing men had been battered by those same men. In 2010, 112,797 women were documented in jail. In addition to the rise in women incarceration rates, also shows an African American women for years 1995, 2005, and 2010. Obtained from http://equalmeansequal.com/juvenile-justice-prison-and-rates-of-female-incarceration/
  6. When in prison, women often face more violence or sexual harassment from male correctional officers.
    • Male correctional officers have raped, sexually assaulted, sexually extorted, and groped women during body searches. In addition to this, some officers also watch women undress, shower, or use the toilet.
    • Many of these guards are not punished for their actions and prisoners’ complaints are retaliated against by the guards, thus nothing changes.

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