Say Her Name



When you think of Violence, what comes to your mind? Well to me when I think of Violence, I think of kids getting beaten up or animals. Many women are beaten and raped because of their class and race. Beth Richie in her book  Arrested Justice  describes the violence woman of color are put through. I was shocked to read some of the real stories told in the book.

Tanya was a poor black girl who was pregnant.  Because of the complications in her family Tanya had her baby in her School bathroom. She was scared and didn’t know what to do with her child.  She put the baby in her back pack and tossed it in the trash. Days later the baby was found dead. The girl was put in jail for murder.  This is a real story and is an example of why many black women are looked down on and treated poorly by the police and others.  Instead of portraying it as the girl’s fault, we as a society must go to poorer areas and help educate woman, build up their confidence, and help them become self reliant and responsible.

An example of violence is the story of Ms. B. She was a poor woman trying to get by in her small apartment. To evict her, the police broke open her door and demanded her keys. She was shocked and tried to defend herself.  The police officers, all white, made her strip and sexually assaulted her. They also made racial slurs at her because she was black. They swore she had drugs and threw her furniture around.  When in reality she had no drugs. More policemen came after the first incident and raped her two times. Ms. B. was horrified of how she was tortured.  Why are people looked down on because of their skin? I am sure if it was a white woman in Ms. B.’s situation, the police would not have been as hard. The fact that the police blamed that she has drugs is crazy to me.

We need to spread more awareness about violence against woman and read more into cases instead of just assuming someone is bad because of their race or gender.


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