Tanya’s story

The writer of the book Arrested Justice uses the name Tanya to refer to the aggregate version of several similar cases where this racialized formulation of gender and class can flourish in part. Many young women decided to abandon their newborn babies and became irresponsible mothers because of the social community that they lived in. There could be many aspects of their lives that led her to choose their way of solving the problem which is in this case by abandoning their newborn babies such as rape victims, control by their boyfriends, and their family’s responses to the unwanted pregnancy.


These young women of color could not trust the criminal legal system in their disadvantaged communities because of the discrimination against their race and sex. Instead of protecting these poor young Black women who were raped and abused from the perpetrators who were the men in their families, the court charged the women with neonaticide and they were called criminals. From my opinion, that was unfair to those poor women and the whole legal system was screwed. The perpetrators should be punished and those women’s lives should be protected from the cruel society.


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