5 Ways We Can Support Women in Developing Countries


  1. Don’t assume that Western Feminism is more “normal” than other forms of feminism. As a woman in the western world, each of us have our own opinions about non-Western cultures. Since we do not live in the shoes of these other women, we may not be able to completely understand other cultures and their traditions. Nevertheless, we need to put our opinions and egos aside whether or not we think that Western culture is the norm. We need to respect the fact that every area of the world has their own way of life and pushing our beliefs on other people is not supportive of feminism.
  2. Educate yourself on non-western cultures. Feminists around the world have differing struggles, which we have to understand. As a Western feminist, we will never fully comprehend what women go through in developing nations but what we can do is educate ourselves on their lives. This way we can teach ourselves how to support women in developing countries.
  3. Use your privilege to raise awareness for others. The simple fact that one lives or born in the U.S. gives us more privilege than some of us truly realize. Whether be it online, through writing, or verbally, anyone can raise awareness for the women in other countries who are facing their own adversities.
  4. Stand up for non-western women without victimizing them. Supporting non-Western women is a good start, but we need to remember that we should not victimize them just for being from a developing country.
  5. Listen. It’s that simple.



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