“It Was Just Self Defense…”

Men usually seem like the sweetest things when approaching a woman. They buy them flowers, take them on the cutest dates, and buy them expensive gifts. Nothing can go wrong, right? Think again. Imagine falling for a guy who you thought was your soulmate and you are in a committed relationship with that person. A couple months to a year has passed and you just aren’t feeling the relationship anymore. When you try to break up, your partner beats and hits you, threatening your life if you ever decide to leave. The sad part of this is many women do get assaulted and violently attacked by their partners. The worst part is that even though men do go to prison, they most of the time end up only staying for a little bit and nothing has changed. They just get set free and continue to violently attack other women. Women are the ones who get physically and mentally abused and have to suffer with these long-term effects. Some even feel greatly insecure about themselves and have trust issues with other men. Next time, think twice before hitting someone because regardless the gender, physical abuse is never the answer.

By: Rebecca Martins

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