Timeline of Women’s Resistance in South Africa From “The Challenge of Local Feminisms”

  • 1908 – protest against high rents and threats of arrest
  • 1912 & 1913 – more sophisticated campaign against the pass laws – African and colored women have to carry passes and purchase permit to move outside the designated black areas
  • 1950s – A national anti pass campaign was reactivated when the white state decided to implement influx control legislation fully by extending pass laws to African women and to the their children and other dependents
  • 1970s – Black Consciousness Movement that was founded by a group of university students – focuses on black self-reliance and pride
  • 1975 – Black Women’s Federation was formed to address Black women’s unique experiences
  • 1979 – Rape Crisis that was initiated to address the needs of rape victims began to understand the political violence against black women
  • 1980s – there were renewed attempts to establish women’s organization that would resist the state at the grassroots level by addressing local concerns and engaging in local struggles
  • Late 1980s and early 1990s – The weakening of apartheid and powerful white patriarchy has redefines the terrain of struggles against the oppression in South Africa – allowed the tension in Black community to become visible

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