Feminism, Activism, and Breaking Stereotypes

Despite these difficult times of stereotypes and politics, feminist activists around the world have been speaking out and leading grassroots efforts to progress the feminist movement. One of these feminist activists is Aya Shehata, shown in the image above, who is studying Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, and Arabic at the University of Pittsburgh.

How is she breaking the mold you ask? She is the leader of a Female Empowerment Movement organization, is the social chair for the Muslim Student Association, and tutors girls for the program Strong Women, Strong Girls. She teaches girls about the importance of education and role models while breaking social stigmas about the muslim faith.

Aya is known for speaking about how her faith does not interfere with her feminist beliefs, but actually encourages it. She has lead discussions and panels about intersectionality as well as other topics including the wage gap, women’s health, and women’s careers. As for her future goals, this includes to work in women’s global health while travelling to “third-world countries and provide medical services to underprivileged women, and educate them on their bodies and rights.”

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