Women’s Movements Around the World

Although the United States is very strong on a “women’s movement”, not every country has this privilege. Many countries do not have the right to speak out against any sort of oppression, especially for women. However, there is growing progress globally, as highlighted by stories from different countries.

As China entered the 1990s, their women’s studies expanded vary rapidly and took a more critical edge. The focused on gender issues, such as nurturing nature, domestic roles, and reproductive roles. They slowly began to challenge the traditional ideals that the country once held. And they realized that although equality was written on paper, it did not necessarily mean true equality in society. Today, the women’s movement in China has grown significantly, especially with the aid of social media.

In India, one of the first feminist movements was created in response to dowry and rape. I watched a documentary on the rape and sex trafficking in India. It is very patriarchal and disgusting to say the least, as many girls are sold to grown men and are to be used as sex objects against their will. Protests in India date all the way back to 1975.


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