If you use the Internet for pretty much anything, you probably came across the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. The movement started when actress Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter to empower women (or men) to use the hashtag to speak up about their sexual harassment or assault, in order to show men how monumental the issue was. The hashtag exploded all over social media with everyone sharing their stories. #MeToo was tweeted over half a million times! Even celebrities like Anna Paquin and Rosario Dawson got on board. This was an instance of feminist activism when women all around the world rallied around one another. However, there was some criticism on the movement because women (or men) who were sexually assaulted did not owe anyone a story. Despite the backlash, #MeToo was a powerful movement that flooded the Internet and showed people the depth of the issue. It is too early to tell, but hopefully it will lead people to take the issue more seriously and maybe merit further action. This is a way that feminist activism can transform the world and bring about a more equitable society.

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