What Society Would Be Like Without Discrimination (Some Examples)

There’d be no wage gap

When most people think about feminism, they often think that women want to be better than men or want to ‘rule’ the world. Let me clarify… it’s more about equality! Equality amongst races, gender, class, sexual orientation amongst many others… Today, the wage gap is still a shocker. Take a look at the pic! Now imagine how good it will feel earning the same amount as the opposite sex or race. We would actually have a society where all races are incentivized to ensure a better future. But, it is very discouraging for many who work harder or equal to those who earn more on a dollar.

There’d be no patriarchy

We’d have healthy households. Children will no longer grow up thinking that their fathers’ opinions and decisions are more valuable than their mothers. That whatever he says goes. They will rather consider both parents equally valuable and important to hold down the family. Children will grow up embracing both parents whether it be homosexual or heterosexual.

Women will feel comfortable showing up to an interview themselves

We would have a society where all women would feel comfortable with their natural hair going into an interview for a job. They won’t feel the need to live up to what the current society tells them about themselves and will be equally likely to secure the bag just as other races with ‘more acceptable’ hair texture

No discrimination based on religious beliefs or clothing or culture

Everyone, no matter their religious beliefs would not be talked down upon because of their religious clothing. They will feel comfortable and happy to freely express their themselves whether it means just hanging out, going to an interview, schools, work, etc.

In our current society, we are defined by our race, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender, culture, status and more, instead of who we truly are. Society and social mediums set the standard for all of us to live by. More so, women are pressured to be what the standard is…. Which changes quite often based on what’s trending on social media. I say let’s cut all this stupidity and empower women to express themselves how THEY see fit.

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