The Journey to Liberation: Braless is Flawless

5 Reasons to ditch wearing a bra!

  1. Comfort and ease. Wearing a bra can sometimes feel so exhausting and confining. We all know that feeling at the end of the day where the bra comes off with a huge sigh of relief. Why not enjoy that pleasure all of the time? Your boobs will thank you, trust me.

  2. Health-related reasons. Not only does not wearing a bra improve your blood circulation but, it improves your sleep, your skin as well as your muscle health.

  3. Save money, go braless! Let’s be honest, in this day and age, a good quality bra is not cheap. Why spend tons of money on a bra which probably doesn’t fit correctly and won’t last you that long? Why should having boobs be expensive??? Save your money and put it to better use.

  4. The “No Bra Look” is actually a look! Serve looks all 2018 with the no bra look. Nipples are beautiful as are you. Be your natural self and embrace what womanhood gave you. Forget what society expects of you and be liberated.

  5. Confidence boost. Not wearing a bra at first can be a hard thing to transition into but, I promise the outcome is worth it. Not only will you feel more comfortable but, you’ll feel liberated. Self-love is so important and with time comes a boost in your confidence level. This confidence and empowering mentality will transfer to your daily life and soon you’ll feel liberated in more ways than one.


Bottom line: Braless if Flawless!

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