Summary of Visionary Feminist by bell hooks

The way feminism has changed shape and direction is the primary strength of contemporary feminism. Feminists’ dream was to replace the dominant culture with a world of participatory economics grounded in communalism and social democracy, a world without discrimination based on race or gender, a world where recognition of mutuality and interdependency would be the dominant ethos, a global ecological vision of how the planet can survive and how everyone on it can have access to peace and well-being.


Visionary feminist’s goal is to create strategies to change the lot of all women and enhance their personal power. Therefore, the movement has to start with basic issues like literacy campaigns that would embrace all women and not too focussed on the equal rights agendas. There is no radio shows or television shows that highlight feminisms. Most citizens of this notion cannot relate the male domination and male violence in the home. A collective door-to-door effort can help spread the message of feminisms.


Radical visionary feminism encourage all of us to examine our lives from the gender, race, and class perspectives so that we can accurately understand our position within the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Feminist movement is advanced whenever any male or female of any age works on behalf of ending sexism. Feminism is for everyone.

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