Women’s Liberation Movement (1960’s)


The Women’s liberation Movement began from the 1960’s until the 1980’s. It was a feminist movement that refers to multiple different campaigns on issues such as maternity leave, sexual harassment, women’s suffrage etc. I decided to focus mostly on the 1960’s because I feel like the beginning of the movement was able to accomplish a lot quickly. Below is a timeline of the events that happened towards Women’s Liberation Movement


1961- Introduction of the Contraceptive Pill

  • Launched in 1961 in which it was only available to married women, but its availability was extended in 1967. It granted sexual liberation towards women, but not necessarily women’s liberation.

1964- Married Women’s Property Act Revision

  • First Introduced in 1870 which allowed women to legally own money that they earned and to inherit property. Before this act, everything that a woman owned and earned became their husbands act. The 1964 revision allowed married women to keep half of any savings they made from allowances that their husband paid them. This allowed women to be a little more financial independent.

1967- Abortion Act

  • Abortion act was first legalized in the UK who were up to 24 weeks pregnant. Two doctors had to give consent to abortion before administrating it.

1968 Ford Machinist’s Strike

  • Women mechanists went on strike over equal pay. They argued the classification of their work as unskilled, a label which seemed to justify them being paid less than their male colleagues.

1969- Benadette Devlin becomes youngest MP

  • Before turning 22, Irish socialist and republican becomes the youngest member of the British Parlement

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