Money Saving Tips from the Best TV Dad

(Terry Crews as Julius Rock in TV show Everybody Hates Chris)

  1. Know How Much Items are Worth

    49 cents
    It may be a bit much to know how much each ounce of a drink is worth, but it would be a good philosophy to know how much certain items should cost to spend your money wisely.
  2. Do Well in School
Julius Cruz always pushed his kids to do well in school, because their success meant that he would get to pay less for them to go to college through scholarships and other awards.

3. Keep the Fridge Closed

Not just the fridge door, but minimizing open doors and windows, and unplugging unused appliances helps to conserve electricity, thus your electric bill will decrease.

4.. Try Fixing It Yourself

Fix it
While duct tape may not always be the answer, utilize what you have (YouTube is a great source for repair) and if you absolutely cannot fix it on your own, call a professional before you make it worse.

5. Learn to Coupon

Couponing can save families hundreds of dollars on groceries, small daily savings on discounts and coupons can really add up on monthly expenses.

After all that saving you deserve a little money dance!


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