The American Pipe-Dream


The American Dream is still true. No mater what you may have heard in your schools the truths that we founded this great nation on are still in play today. The Declaration of Independence stated in paragraph two that “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” (US 1776). Since this was a declaration of war against what was the largest empire in human history, and that at the time possessed the best military and navy on earth: as well as, still controlling the loyalties of about half the population of the country that was declaring war. This was considered a dream. A pipe-dream if you will. The dream was we can do anything if we want it bad enough. All people can get the aforementioned rights.


Sorry did I say all people, I meant most people. But whatever the point still stands. The American Dream is true, but I guess for clarity I should go into what I mean by most people.  In the 64-year period between 1792 and 1856 white males who didn’t own property progressively got the right to vote. In 1870 after a long and bloody civil war that was not definitely not about slavery, but instead states rights (to own and sell other humans, so slavery. It was about slavery. The states rights to have slavery.) All males got the right to vote. I mean kinda but we will get to that. In 1920 women (who are people too) got the right to vote. And in 1965 those non-white people we were talking about finally really honestly got the right to vote without impediment-almost, voter ID and all- (yay score USA… USA… USA… USA… no? just me?). So, I know it looks bad. I really do. Honestly it looks worse than the time I stole my brothers $100 bill, got caught said he must have misplaced it, and when my mother walked up to my shelf she saw the bill poking out from under my copy of the Lord of the Rings. But let me promise you the American Dream doesn’t require the ability to vot­-


Oh sorry, just hearing now that declaration of war was because America didn’t get a say in the laws being passed by the British. And voting equality in Britain isn’t really considered a problem anymore, but here in America it still is…


None-the-less everyone has a past. Time to move on, right? Right. Ok so American dream, self-determination and the like. I have all the proof that this is still real in todays society. Look at all the self-made people that came to live in America because it was better that their home country, this is the heart of the idea that those great American like Johan Adams and Thomas Jefferson where talking about in the Declaration of Independence.

I mean sure it is now more difficult to come to the USA than it has ever been, take emigrating on an E2 visa for professionals holding advanced degrees or extraordinary ability. This process takes at least 8 months to complete (Employment). Gone are the days of hoping on a boat and signing in at Elise Island, but really immigrants can piss off. They had their chance to come here when it was cool now they just want a slice of that good old apple pie.


The American Dream is for Americans. We have the ability to work hard at a job and then rise up through the ranks and then succeed. Now when this can happen no matter who you are but let me just point out in the interest of fairness, that according to eminent professor of social anthropology Dr Gillian Evans: “social and family networks provide a critical safety net for upper middle classes children who might have failed their exams or fluffed their first job. A well-placed contact could smoothe over their failure, find them a job, and restore them to their “rightful” place in society.” (Corkindale). So, I guess you can say if you aren’t already rich then you will be less likely to get that job that you can progress from.

That none-withstanding you still can be poor and work your way to becoming a successful businessperson. Just like I can technically travel around the world under my own power. But just know like walking around the world, in the American Dream everything will be working against you and sometimes things actually are out of your control.

So now that I have been honest it is time for this sponsored message for from the USA business world: “Work hard, make money, get promoted”. And if the people we are working for say it is true it must be true. It is not as though they are profiting off of our hard work.


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  1. Funny, post. I especially liked the irony you employ in the second paragraph; it emphasizes that specific, historical and cultural processes/factors privileged white men at the expense of people of color. Moreover, the tone you use throughout the piece really satirizes the inane claims that everyone has, or has had, an equal chance in this country. Finally, the caricature you construct when you do things like break up the spelling of “none-the-less” and include a repeated, “USA…USA…USA” chant enhances your critique well. In effect, it associates believing the American Dream with being dimwitted.


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