Does the Gender Wage Gap Exist?

  We have all heard the claim that women only earn 78 cents for every dollar that a man makes but is it really true? Before we dive into the hardcore economics and statistics lets get one thing straight. The 78 cents number that you constantly see is derived by taking all the money women [...]

You should just stay at home

A mother, a business women, a student, CEO, insert any demanding job in here and the question is can you really do it all. I believe it's possible, easy? No but it is very much possible. Women often times are backed up into a corner and being forced to choose one or the other. Everything [...]

Three Case Studies: Countries in which Christianity Curtails Women’s Bodily Autonomy

El Salvador: One, salient country in which Christianity oppresses women is El Salvador. This small, Central American country uses Christianity to deprive women of their bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. According to an article published by CNN, “in El Salvador, abortion is illegal under all circumstances, with no exceptions, even in the case of rape, [...]