Why Mo’Nique Hicks is fighting back: Current Pop Culture review by Robin Reji

Mo’Nique Hicks is a well-known comedian who recently was offered to do a comedy special on Netflix. This would be something most people are eager and ecstatic to hear about considering one of the most popular streaming networks has just offered you to do a show on their site. Hicks was anything but thrilled given the stipulations that came with the offer. She was offered $500,000 for the special and while most would find that to be a large sum of money it was little to nothing compared to what other comedians made on Netflix. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were both paid nearly $20 million for their comedy specials on Netflix. The initial thought many would have is that because of her race she was being discriminated against but the payments made to Chappelle and Rock would counter that argument because they as well are African American. The next thought would be is because she is a female and is being gender discriminated against. That was proven to not be the case either because Amy Schumer was paid $11 million by Netflix for her comedy special.

Then what’s the problem? Here is where we get into the interesting case of intersectionality. Mo’Nique isn’t being discriminated against solely because she is African American and not solely because she is a woman. She is caught in the worst scenario between the two cases, she is being discriminated against for being an African American woman. That would be the best explanation for this scenario considering her resume speaks for itself she has won a Golden Globe award, an Academy Award, and a BET award for best actress. There is no reason she should be paid a small fraction compared to her counterparts within the comedy industry.

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