Is discrimination Really Declining in the U.S.?

Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class and gender that are applied to an individual or a group. Basically, it is a combination of the characteristics that you gained naturally that formed who you are.

With intersectionality, comes discrimination. Intersectionality categorized people in this world, with all these categories. Some may feel superior and condescending, which drives certain opinions towards certain groups.


(Source: Odyssey)

The time that we are living in seems nice and calm compared to the unfortunate events happened before such as slavery, war and severe discrimination. However, in the time like now, the wealth gap between all races became even bigger than before. Although the cause of wealth gap can be traced to the early ages when discrimination was common throughout the whole country, it still exists because the discrimination during the process of hiring towards minority groups has not disappeared completely or being more precise, hasn’t changed much.

aaAccording to a study done by Harvard Business Review, the declination during the process of recruiting has declined for Latino but the hiring rates for the Black people were found rock-steady. The researchers used field experiments as a sample, which includes two types, resume audition and in-person audition. Through examining the callbacks and invitation to job interviews with the participants who are White and non-White that with the same qualifications and skills, the researchers found that since the year of 1990, the applicants who are White have more callback rates than those are Latino and Black. Actually, White applicants have 36% more chance to get callbacks and job interviews than Black applicants and 24% more chance to get callbacks and interviews than Latino applicants. So, is it possible that education level, gender, study methods and labour market conditions affect the result? When the researchers controlled all the variables in the study, the result did not change. There are some reasons that may cause the steady discrimination rate in job hiring. The stereotypes and bias in our subconscious have not changed much over time. The opinions in our head towards some certain groups of people are still stubborn and deeply rooted. There are so many examples such as “those Asians can do math, that guy must be rich, can she even workout this physics problem?”

Discrimination in the professional fields has not changed much, but what about the discrimination happening around us, in our daily lives? According to The Economist, there are studies and evidence showing there is a decline of racial discrimination in our everyday lives. Taking the example of inter-racial marriage, the number of supporters in the year of 1958 was only 4% percent of the U.S. citizens, which later climbed to 50% in 1997 and 87% today. Some may argue that follows the presidency of president Donald Trump, White supremacist, especially male, became more active. This is true, but the actions of those White supremacist brought the minorities and the objectors together. The presidency of Donald Trump is only making the person who is xenophobic more comfortable with their opinions.

In the book “Towards a New Vision” written by Patricia Hill Collins, we can transcend the barriers of race, gender and class. First, we need to recognize the differences in power and privilege, to know that the unfair phenomenon exists. Second is unite around common causes, most of the times common causes and goals bring people together. The third one is building empathy, raising personal concerns towards elements that contain race, gender and classes. We can’t say that discrimination towards races genders and classes does not exist, but we can do something about it. We are making progress in our everyday lives, but we can still do better in other fields such as working and even our minds. The discrimination brought by intersectionality broke all human beings into parts. But this is an opportunity to fix this situation in the future. Someday in the future we may have the society that is close to a utopia where everybody feels equal, where all the races appear equally in all fields of professions.


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