Are you Stuck in the Middle of the Intersection?

By: Lydia Solomon 

Instructions: Check the Yes or No boxes corresponding to the statements provided, each Yes counts as 1 point. Make sure to keep track of how many times you check the Yes box to calculate your score down below.

* = Common discrimination qualities/factors in our society

  Yes No
I identify as a female *    
I am transgender    
I am black *    
I am not white    
I identify as being low income    
I am not of a Christian religion    
English is not my first language    
I am part of the LGBQT community *    
I live with a disability *    
I have dark skin    
I am gender fluid  


5-11 Points: Unfortunately, you’re stuck in this busy intersection. There are many qualities or traits about you our society has deemed as unappealing. It’s more than likely you’ve faced oppression from one of the statements above.


4-2 Points: You’re also part of this intersection, but a lot less busy. although you may face less oppression you still face the struggles of being discriminated against.


0-1 Points: You’re more than likely to make it out alive, there’s almost no cars on the street. It’s still not safe to assume you’ve faced some discrimination or oppression in society but not comparable to the rest.

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