How disney is changing the religion and feminist game

by: Bella Roccograndi


Released in February of 2016, Disney set the bar high. Moana is more empowering and sets a role model to young girls everywhere. Disney has changed the game since 1959 when “Sleeping Beauty” was released, in which was a princess waits for a prince to save her. What is even more exciting about the improvement of powerful women in Disney, is that Moana is also multicultural and has religious values. Throughout the movie, Moana defies her fathers belief on going past the tide to let the people of the island prosper. Throughout the movie, Moana’s father is the chief but there is no rule or religious belief that women cannot also rule. Throughout the movie there is equal work about the tribe. For example, both men and women farm and explore together. There are also many examples of religion in Moana.

A few examples

  1. Reincarnation- In the movie, Moana’s grandmother is reborn as a stingray.


2. Splitting the Sea- Similarly, in the Crossing of the Red Sea, a biblical narrative, Moses leads the escape of the Israelites. In Moana this is how she earns her powers.


3.Mother Island- It created all life, similar to God.


4.Not eating pork- Some religions, such as orthodox jews, some Hindu, and it is forbidden in the Torah and the Quran


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