Test Your Knowledge of Women in India

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions to be interpreted, and India holds the majority Hinduism followers.  Many of the teachings of Hinduism is that women are considered less than men, and often thought of as property.  Take the following quiz to find out how much the patriarchal teachings have affected the lives of women in India!

1. What is a dowry?
a. A bride
b. Brand of detergent
c. Money or property given to a husband’s family from the wife’s family
d. A type of jewelry

2. How many women in India are killed each year due to dowry?
a. 600 women
b. 1 million women
c. 2000 women
d. 8000 women

3. True or False. 40% of women in India experience rape or assault between the ages of 15yrs. and 49yrs.

4. According to the National Crime Record Bureau 2016 report roughly what percentage of women, who are rape victims, are under the age of 18?
a. 27%
b. 43%
c. 52%
d. 8%

5. What is female infanticide?
a. A spray for baby girls to smell better
b. Deliberate killing of female newborns
c. Putting female babies up for adoption
d. The removal of all female infants in a society

6. Roughly how many cases of female of infanticide have been reported in India annually?
a. 1 million
b. 10,000
c. 3 million
d. 8 million



Answers: 1. C, 2. D, 3. False (its 70%), 4. B, 5. B, 6. D

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