Is Religion just another word for Discrimination against women?

Does religion validate why basic human rights are different for different genders?

In Bangladesh, the religious custom of purdah circumscribes the private and public life of all of the women. Most women are widows, or have been deserted, or is taking care of an invalid husband. They are left to fend for themselves and their children. The religion does not allow them to work outside their homes. There opportunities to farm are not sustainable to feed their families and many of them face starvation. The content of basic human needs also has no consensus within communities and in the internationally community (A Conflict of Rights Claims).

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Has religion always identified men superior to women?

In Christianity, the first creation story of Adam and Eve highlights the discrimination in gender roles. The name Adham even puts him at an advantage over Eve, as it means “the earth creature”. Eve doesn’t get a distinct name or even a distinct purpose. She is recognized as a part of the first couple out of the original earth creature. Also, Eve is the one to eat the forbidden fruit and make the wrong choice. This creates a stereotype of women and how women may not be as intelligent as men (No Girls Allowed).


Divorce is divorce. Why does the Qur’an make it challenging or one gender and not the other?

According to the Qur’an, men are allowed to divorce their wives by a simple repetition of a divorce formula, known as talaq, while women must be able to name particular circumstances and prove their case in court. Also, men are granted custody of all children after infancy. Men have control over their wives in most every aspect. They can determine where they go, when they go and women only inherit one-half of the portion that comes to men. Thankfully, these strict regulations are being somewhat modernized and women are getting more leeway. However, the traditional hierarchy of women to men still remain the same. Women are inferior to men (Theological Challenges to Religious Women’s Rights).


Why are women viewed as the bad guys for solely being women?

In Hinduism women are seen as temptresses, seductresses, and people who lure good men away from salvation. They can be viewed as accomplices who take men off the path of righteousness. Women who have sexual intercourse are considered “sexually polluted”, while men who have sexual intercourse are not. Women’s tastes and deepest concerns are even considered shallow. Women are expected to be perfect wives and would die for and before their husbands they live to serve their husband. Women who are not pure, aren’t expected and seen as evil.

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