Feminism and Labor: Women CEOs have actually decreased in number

In a study done by CNN at the end of 2017 revealed that the year started well for women in terms of being CEOs and head of fortune 500 companies but didn’t quite end as well. By about June of 2017 Forbes recognized 32 women CEOs of fortune 500 companies which was a record at the time. As the year went on changes happened and six of those CEOs either stepped down or away and most of their successors were men. Women CEOs currently make up about five percent of fortune 500 companies. Women in the board room make up about 21 percent of total board members. The average fortune 500 company has about 10-15 members on average and only 2-4 of them would be women which is unfortunate especially if gender equality topics become a part of the discussion.

The women in high ranks as CEOs and board members were thought to have increased significantly but with a closer look at the numbers anyone can deduce that assumption is far overblown. Although women have been making progress in the labor force it is very slowly and many who step down are unlikely to have a successor that is not a male. At the rate that progress is being made it will be difficult to have gender equal workplaces unless other policy measures are taken into action. Women need to be given equal chances especially when dealing with companies that have a large impact on society and most of those being within the fortune 500. The previous CEO of Yahoo was Marissa Mayer and that was one of the most coveted positions within the fortune 500 list and she stepped down after only five years leaving a male successor who will be making twice as much. When talking about the progress women have made in this area we need to take a step back, look at the numbers, and see how large of a change has actually been made.



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