Retiring Age of Chinese Female Labor Force Delayed: This is How People Feel

It has been analyzed that men are more likely to get jobs rather than women worldwide. But for women who have already joined the labour force, there is a line for the retiring age. China, for example, is still planning on raising the retiring age women. The government sanctioned the two-phased retiring plan which states that: phase 1, in the year of 2017, the retiring age of women with retiring pension was set to fifty-five years old; phase 2, starting from the year of 2018, female retiring age will delay one year every three years, while male retiring age will delay one year every six years, and the retiring age for both genders will reach the age of sixty-five in the year of 2045.

On Weibo, which is a Chinese version of Twitter, many users showed their opinion about delaying female retiring age.


Devil_lit: DO NOT delay the retiring age of women… I feel bleeding out when working on the PPT this afternoon.


Flora_lvlv: what is gender equality, raising the retiring age of women and make it equal to the retiring age of men is NOT gender equality. In the field of work, gender equality and equity mean male and female works who are in the same job position have the same salary and gender is not the judgement issue while job hunting. Having social status meaning women can truly speak out for herself, we have much to do.

When China Daily tweeted that the national meeting announced that the retiring age of women has been delayed again. Many people showed their dissatisfaction with this decision. This decision was made by the Representative of People, whose name is Shaohua Yu.

Original post from China Daily:

3China Daily: Shaohua Yu argues that the current retiring age was set at the end of the 1960s. With decades of development of economy and society, the average lifespan of Chinese has risen to the age of 76.5, which is increased by nine years old, effective working age limit and retiring age should also rise with proportion. Quoting his original words, “The current trend of this society is delaying retirement, but we cannot be in a hurry. We should start delaying the retiring age of jobs that require experience rather than physical force such as education, management and technology department.” (reporter: Shijia Ouyang, Kun Liu, and Lihua Zhou)

This blog was posted days ago, the comments below were filled with complaints about this representative and his argument:


These comments were posted by teachers and students, the teacher claims that they have to give class, prepare for classes, correcting tests and have to join sports with students, with workloads in China, a teacher may have to correct hundreds of homework every day. Being a teacher is never an easy job. Others claim that they are afraid that old teachers with traditional opinions of society and traditional teaching methods may bring these traditional opinions to students.

Most of the internet users showed their complaints:



These users can be male or female, some of them are saying: I feel relaxed when I see so many people is complaining this policy, women workers still need to do housework such as cooking and taking care of kids, we are living at the bottom of this society, we make less money than everybody else and the workload is heavier than everybody else and now the retiring age is delayed, how hard it is to receive pension. Some of the users agree and showing: give the working class a way to live, give young people a hope for future, developed countries are trying to reduce working time while this shameless representative is trying to increase working time, this guy is the loser of this world.

However, there are still people who show support to this policy:


This youngster says that he/she agree with this policy, his/her mother claims that they are afraid to do nothing after retirement and they feel great after the announcement of this policy. This youngster claims that people need to do something instead of staying at home. But there are people showing disagreement with this argument: your mother’s opinion cannot represent everybody’s opinion and when people get old they are not that physically suitable for some jobs.

In a nutshell, most Chinese do not agree with this policy. According to recent research, about 80% of Chinese disagree with this policy. It is said that this representative claim that female and male retiring at the same age can foster the gender equality on the matter of receiving the pension. There are some users that worry about young female workers will not have kids because of the workload and the retiring age has delayed. As for

how this policy will go, we will see in the foreseeable future.



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