Sex and the City: A Show that Demonstrates that the Glass Ceiling Still Exists

The show “Sex and the City” follows four women who live different lives. Samantha is a publicist, Miranda is a lawyer, Charlotte works at an art gallery, and Carrie writes a column in the local newspaper. Each of these women has different stories but all demonstrate the hardships women go through when it comes to the women in the workforce.

Miranda, for example, is a partner in a prestigious law firm and had to work very hard to get there. Many times in the show she complains about how much harder she had to work to become a partner where as her male counterparts became partner after two months. When Miranda becomes pregnant, she is worried about her coworkers finding out because she does not want to seem “weak” or “unable” to do her job.

th-1 9.27.30 AM.jpeg

Samantha is a publicists and works for a public relations firm. She has constantly been turned down from clients because they do not want a woman representing them as their publicist because they fear that she will not be able to strongly represent them and would feel more comfortable if a man was in the position. Samantha has always refused to show any emotion on the workplace because she fears that it would take away her credibility and her ability as a publicist. Numerous times, employers have been more interested in hiring Samantha’s based on her looks rather than her actual ability in the workplace.

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Charlotte loves her job at the art gallery and is very passionate about it. However, she is pressured by her husband to quit her job to have and care for their future children. Charlotte also gets backlash from her friends when she is considering quitting her job because they are all working women who think that the “mommy track” should not be a full time job.


Each of these women has their own special situation and has their own experience when it comes to the work force. Each have experienced their own discrimination when it comes to whether or not they are not only qualified for a job solely based on the fact that they are a woman but if they can work and care for their family. The show wants to bring to its viewer’s attention that while this show is based on fictional characters, that these problems these women are facing are not anywhere near fictional. The discrimination that occurs in the show is a very real concept and the show makes it a point to bring these issues to ones attention.

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