Boy- Friends

A poem By: William Ryba

An early age was friendship made;

Neither had others with which to play.

Foreign was he who did not speak,

Boisterous was he who was incomplete.

In tandem they where through thick and thin.

Till time together did do them in.


Apart and alone did foreigner feel

Friendship lost, his mind astray.

Groups premade he tried to break

Fought like the tide right up the beach.

Though cycle past, and return it did,

Alone he was; with no thought of glib.

Then there he was, the acid to his base;

Old friendship returned convened with a bang.

The alien did find a girl;

While part became whole through polar way.


Friendship remained through love and loss,

When two became one the whole was there.

The banner of companion was offered out.

But this was denied with naught even a shout

Then friendly brawl did make thoughts clear.

Whole was one, most insincere.


His hands did stray towards locked drawers

Fight that was friendly was friendly no more.

Till foreign did force the other to go.

Alone he was with times cruel flow.


What once was whole’s role, now Alien did play

For an early age was friendship made.


This original poem serves as testament to a real experience involving to boys who became friends, lost touch and then reconnected about two years later. As boys one of their favourite pass times was wrestling, with two rules blows, and no touching the groin or eyes. The first of the boys was foreign so he didn’t fit in very well and the second was a closeted homosexual, the first boy was far better at wrestling and never lost but tried to act as a ‘teacher’ of sorts. Soon after they reconnected as young teens the second boy came out as gay, this did not change the way the two acted together. For several years they were friends keeping to old habits, until the first boy got dumped by his long-term girlfriend, and the second was on hand to offer a shoulder to cry on. After getting over the girl the first boy started to hang out with the second more often and often laughed off the seconds suggestion that they should get together as banter. However, the first boy started to realise that the wrestling matches started to get dirtier and dirtier, he was calling below the belt more and more often. Determining it was simply the second boy becoming too competitive and doing anything to win the first boy made nothing of it. This was until one day the first boy got pinned for the first time in the friendship and the second boy wouldn’t release the first and proceeded to violate the first. The first boy dislocated his shoulder to get away, told the second boy to never come near him again, and to never ever do something like that again because if he did then the first boy would come forward. He made the decision to keep this private due to close relationship between the two boys, as well as fear of stigmatization, and not wanting to cause a scene. The first boy still carries the memories of this event with him during every interaction.


This is important, as while we are hoping for more equality and acceptance of all sexualities, it is important to realize there is still right and wrong behaviour from all human beings.

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