Kofi Agyemang                                                                                                          04/01/18

As a TV Buff, if there is a topic you are interested in and want to watch something related to it, I’m your guy for recommendations. This past week we discussed sexuality, so I thought I’d recommend a few shows that hit the mark in one way or another when dealing with the topic. This list could go on forever but here are a few of my top picks when it comes to sexuality & women.


Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Orange Is the New Black starts the series with the main character—Piper, a spoiled New Yorker, who gets sent to prison for past involvement in crime and falls back in love with her ex-girlfriend while in prison (despite having a male fiancé waiting for her on the outside). The other characters on the show range from bisexual to lesbian to straight. OITNB could be considered the first series about a women’s prison to delve into all types of female sexuality. It’s also the first mainstream show to feature a transgender female character played by a transgender woman. The show—which has the most diverse cast on television in terms of race, sexuality and body type—approaches women’s sex realistically and unforgivingly, the way other shows might approach male sexuality.


Game of Thrones (HBO)

GoT’s is a bit too complex to summarize here but believe me it is worth a watch. Although Game of Thrones is in the news often for their depiction of women; for instance, the repeated pattern of finding a way to flash women’s breasts onscreen in just about every episode. Nevertheless these degrading sex scenes are balanced by some particularly powerful moments for the female characters: at the end of a past season, Daenerys Targaryan, a queen, ordered one of her followers to strip so that she could have her way with him (consensually) in the same manner that many men have ordered women to sleep with them on the show before. Women on the show are beginning to learn to take what they want—just like their male counterparts. Game of Thrones is a cruel world, but it is one where women often have equal opportunity to manipulate and murder their way to the top.


True Blood (HBO)

A series revolving around, small town waitress Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires she encounters in the southern state of Louisiana. Though Sookie Stackhouse constantly needed to be protected by men, True Blood had its progressive moments (usually involving orgies). Women were predators almost as often as men, and they had just as much of a sexual drive. For many season, Sookie was torn between two potential love interests: Bill and Eric. But finally, Sookie asked herself, “Why can’t I have both?” The result was a steamy vampire threesome. Sure, it was a dream, but how often do you see a threesome with two men on TV? This show didn’t hold back when it came to sex, lust, & desire for both men & women.


Sex & The City (HBO)

This list wouldn’t be complete without the show that every middle age, middle class women has seen and/or heard about, Sex & The City. Sex and the City has often been credited with bringing frank discussions about (and depictions of) women’s sexuality to the forefront of popular culture. Carrie and her friends discussed everything from vibrators to circumcision to sex positions over cosmos. Then they went home and practiced what they preached—all had multi-season love arcs but would date and sleep with many different men in between. Their glitzy power was intimidating, and they disposed of men like men disposed of women. They got their hearts broken but moved on. This show, definitely paved the way for shows to come like OITNB & Girls.

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