What I get from Far Cry 5


Caution: spoiler alert

Far Cry 5 is the newest game from the game company Ubisoft. The company has brought up many fantastic games such as Assassin’s Creed series, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series, and of course the Far Cry series. In these games, you are acting as a fictional assassin to relive many famous historical events, a top agent that belongs to the government to destroy enemies’ plans of terrorism, and even becoming the fearless soldiers to break down a cartel in another country. These are really cool plots, and players can learn a lot from the games, such as historical events and relationships to important historical characters, or the team cooperation matters to complete a game. These games are both fun to play by yourself or cooperating with friends. However, the newest game Far Cry 5 caused many discussions among the players.


In this game, the players are acting as a rookie sheriff’s deputy in Hope County, Montana. The purpose of this game is to cease the operation of a cult that is called “Eden’s Gate” and bring its leader Joseph Seed as known as “The Father” into custody. I have played this game in coop mode with my friend. The game has pros and cons that overall received a 7/10 on the game platform Steam. It has minor bugs and disadvantages that make players feel irritating, but if the players are only looking for a game to shoot and kill, this might be the game.

The game started as the player reached the headquarter of the cult and ready to arrest the leader. After taking the suspect onto a helicopter, the main character got shot down, all of the players’ squads got caught by the cult except the player and the leader escaped. The player got rescued by a character called Dutch. As the beginning of a game, it is not bad. It is the ending that brought up the discussion. The players did not try to go back to call for backup. Instead, he/she united local resistance to fight the cult and rescue the squad. After breaking down the heads of the cult one by one. The players finally see the leader of the cult and ready to kill him. The game offered a choice when facing Joseph Seed, either let him go and he will let the players go away even after all this mess or fight him until the end and finish this nonsense. No matter what the players choose, it is not going to end well. The ending could either be the cult continue to exist or Joseph Seed detonates some kind of nuclear bomb, kill Dutch, who helped the player to establish the resistance and incarcerate the players.

There are always voices saying games brought violence to youngsters such as shooting and fighting. There are also cases to back up their ideas. I have always been defending for the games because they really teach players something outside the classrooms, even though I know these voices are correct. This game, Far Cry 5 shocked my friend and me after we finished it. As a First Person Shooting game, this game is of course filled with guns. We are also okay with the establish resistance and eliminate the enemies plot even though we both feel like the main character should go back and call backup. I somehow feel those voices. Firstly, the player is, after all, controlling a police officer, and the police officer shooting the cult reminds me of police violence. What police violence now shows is not only the abuse of power but also the tools to make it happen, guns. In the game Far Cry 5, both resistance and the cult are in favour of firearms. There are many people killed by bullets from the police when they are reaching for their IDs in their pockets or the cabinet in the car where these are the places to hide a pistol easily. When that happens, the police respond with “we thought he/she was reaching out for a weapon”. I get the ideas that the police are saying, they are trying to do their jobs too, and their lives are on the line, they don’t want their families to get a flag. Those killings are also racially biased.



The game Far Cry 5 only brought me the feeling of violence, unlike other shooting games which I feel like I need to fight for something. From this violence, I relate it to the current world where these killings and physically abuse actually happen that cause by the police even though it’s not that radical. I’m not saying that the main character of Far Cry 5 is a bad police officer, or the cult is not that bad. Personally speaking, I feel good to eliminate a cult that promotes guns and violence, but after the game, what I felt is just violence that is happening between police officers and the criminals.


Far Cry 5, Ubisoft

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