Let’s Expose ALEC, Shall We?

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ALEC is a council that not many people are educated about, and therefore do not question a lot of laws and bills that are being passed. This blog’s purpose is to expose ALEC for what it truly is. ALEC, or American Legislative Exchange Council, allows state legislators and corporate lobbyists to vote together (with equal weight) on bills that will completely alter citizens’ way of living, while predominantly only benefitting the corporation itself. One in five proposed bills are able to be passed as law.

So what is so wrong with ALEC? Isn’t it just allowing civilians to be able to contribute to bills and laws? NO. The corporations are the ones funding ALEC and are contributing voters of the bills; yet legislators (conservative republicans) deny their participation and claim all credit. Many laws on the surface seem to be helping society and creating a more safe environment from crime. This is only true if you are white.

Here is a list of examples why ALEC is only upholding the racial hierarchy in the law enforcing system:

  • Mandatory minimum sentences for drug related charges
  • Trying juveniles as adults
  • Police officers enforcing anti-immigration laws

This list is only scratching the surface of how ALEC enforces racial profiling.

A prime example of how corrupt ALEC is is the Stand Your Ground Law that was passed in Florida. This example has two parts, so stick with me.

Part 1: The murder of Trayvon Martin. This was a highly publicized case that most people are familiar with. Trayvon was seventeen years old when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Trayvon was unarmed and literally buying iced tea and skittles when he was murdered. George Zimmerman got off free due to the Stand Your Ground Law. This law is not proclaiming self-defense, but allows a person to kill someone else if they had “reasonable fear” towards someone else. In other words, this law allows racist white men to murder people of color as much as they please as long as they say they feel “threatened.”

Part 2: The same year as the murder of Trayvon, a black woman was arrested. Marissa Alexander was married to a terrifyingly abusive man. One day, he was beginning to attack her, so Marissa took her gun and fired a warning shot. The bullet never hit anyone, nor was it meant to. Police were called and Marissa was convicted for 20 years in prison after unsuccessfully using the Stand Your Ground law as her defense.

Do you see the problem? A white male can murder a black child and walk free, however a black woman cannot defend herself from her abusive husband. All because of this law proposed by ALEC.

ALEC is not something we should celebrate or stand for. ALEC is continuing and even encouraging the violence and skewed arrests towards people of color, while allowing whites to walk free. To learn more about ALEC and view where all of this information was given, visit https://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed.

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