Huffington Post Knows What Feminism Is – Do you? By Megan Owens

Imagine from Huffington Post article “Saving” Women: A Transnational Feminist Approach” by Audrey Griffith.  Displaying women of all backgrounds supporting each other.

Think about your own definition of feminism and what it means to be a feminist including the activism involved, keep this in mind while reading.

Recently an article was posted to Huffington Post website discussing transnational feminism “Stop “Saving” Women: A Transnational Feminist Approach” by Audrey Griffith.  She talks about how many western feminists believe that in countries around the world that have very opposite cultures to their own, are riddled with oppression and abuse towards women.  While the numbers may be staggeringly high compared to western nations, the women of these countries are not simply submissive, they just have different ways of showing feminism that coincide with their cultural values.  Griffith had taken a trip to India to observe the legal system and the everyday activism for women’s rights in India.  She found that while there were big leaps in the legal system that helped women gain more rights, there was more everyday activities that displayed feminism.  Women were actively participating in NGOs and education to help provide resources and knowledge for women to become strong members in society and exert influence to challenge the disparities women in India face.  Griffith noticed how these women constantly built support for each other so that they could all succeed and create change that somehow bettered their lives.  Unlike in the United States where women constantly stand at competition with one another to gain success for themselves rather than build support for all women.

Now back to your idea of feminism, was it individualistic? Did your ideas of feminist activism promote all women or just an individual woman?  If it did, you might be considered a western feminist and could use some of the ideas from the women in India to redefine your definition of feminism to be more inclusive of all women and building support rather than the idea that the upward movement of one woman is the upward movement for all.

Article :

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