Feminism is for everybody

not equal

Feminism is quite new to me, hence my reason for taking a women studies class this semester. I never really knew what feminism was, who it was for, what race was predominately the face of feminism but I always felt it wasn’t for me. Every time I heard feminist I heard “women who hate men”, “trying to be a man” and a wide range of different negative things regarding the movement.

feminismSo before I registered for a women’s study class and before i took the class, I asked a couple people “what’s a feminist?”, most men who I asked referred to white women or women who hate men and most women I asked, also referred to it as a movement for white women. So who is it actually for? My semester is coming to an end and I came to the conclusion that feminism is for any who wants women to have equal rights, protection, and in general see women flourish without restrictions and that person can be a woman or man, black or white. Feminism is for everybody. According to an amazing writer by the name of Bell Hooks “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression”, if you are for the cause then you can be a feminist.


sis who told you that?



One thing I can’t forget was the fact I was told feminism isn’t for black women were already aggressive enough leave that for the white women, and unfortunately this is thought process of some minority women I also thought like this for a very long time. The lack of representation in the media doesn’t mean we don’t have rights or deserve rights, there are so many amazing black feminist that write books, perform TED talks we are represented, a small number is still a number. Society tries to push its garbage to make black people in particular feel excluded, but we don’t need to wait for them to include us to be or feel included.

Minority women are women we must represent ourselves and stand up for the future generations. Sisterhood is important we are all women, women can be friends and we should and will continue to uplift each other.

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