3 Ways You Can Support the Feminist Movement

The feminist movement has been growing globally since the 1960s, and, together, women have taken great strides towards equality. While there are many milestones to celebrate, such as women’s right to vote, legalizing gay marriage, legalizing a women’s right to choose, etc., there are also many areas where women cannot yet say they have become true equals amongst the male population. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of the feminist movement, support is needed across the US by women everywhere. But what if you’re not able join the women’s march in DC, or protest an issue on the national mall? Luckily, there are plenty of ways women can support the feminist movement right from their own towns and cities! Here are three things you can do to support feminism:

  1. Support a local feminist-minded non-profit organization. Every state has ample non-profits focusing on feminist centered issues such as equal pay and opportunity, reproductive rights, and supporting single mothers. Find a cause that is meaningful to you and get involved in the organization. If you have the time to spare, volunteer your time and labor. If you’re not in a position to give your time, you can also give a donation to the organization. Both labor and funds are quite essential to keeping these organizations running and fighting for their cause.
  2. Organize a boycott for equal pay and opportunities. Even today, women still only make 80 cents to the dollar that white males do. If you feel as though women are not treated equally as far as career opportunities or compensation, you could organize a boycott in your area to bring these issues to light. You can choose an official day and encourage women to not go to work and not shop/spend money. This will show the impact that women have on the economy from the labor side as well as from the consumer side.
  3. Educate and recruit the support of other females AND males in your area to support feminism. One of the largest problems that the feminist movement faces is that too many people are not able to identify women’s rights as a pertinent issue in their lives. It’s important that people see feminism for what it is instead of the far left radical movement that is only for “those” type of women. Show women how they can benefit from being a part of the movement, but also show MEN that this movement can include them too. If only 50% of the population thinks the feminist movement is “their” issue, then it will never be successful. Men need to see how the equality of women will help society as a whole and will break down gender stereotypes that also negatively affect them.


So, if you feel as though you wish there were more ways that you can support the feminist movement, try one of these three new suggestions. This is a constant fight that needs to be fueled in order for equality to be achieved. We can hope that with our continued efforts, there is a chance that women may see true equality in our lifetime!boys can be feminists

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