Bad Feminist is a collective of Women’s Studies undergraduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park.   We have 50 writers on our team who are enrolled in two sections of the introductory Women’s Studies course Women & Society.  Within our sections we engage in consciousness-raising based discussions, explore topics such as intersectionality, race, class, religion, sports, sexuality, violence, labor, and activism.  Through BadFeminist.blog it is our hope to share our feminist perspectives on our everyday view of the world.  Follow us and comment on our blogs to spark feminist conversations.

Monday Authors

Section 1: FAME Fatale

Section 2: Deux


Tuesday Authors

Section 1: Mind Blogglers

Section 2: Fourheads


Wednesday Authors

Section 1: Real Girls

Section 2: FERPS


Thursday Authors

Section 1: Feminist JAMMS

Section 2: Hit ‘Em With Knowledge


Friday Authors

Section 1: Fiery Feminist

Section 2: Cute Peaches