Is This the America You Want?

Opening scene from HBO television show Newsroom starring Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy. In this scene of the Newsroom, a student in the audience asks a question for the news anchors sitting on stage.  “What makes America the greatest country in the world?” Two of the news anchors readily answer the question, stating that “freedom” and [...]

Well… She deserved it

Black women have been neglected.There is no other way to sugar coat that statement it simply is what it is. Why is it that when black women are abused or killed,the first thing people wonder is “what did she do” as if there is anything that can justify what was done to her. Black women [...]

Let’s Talk About Sex: Female Sexuality Poll Results

Women, especially young women first entering into womanhood, find it difficult to talk about their sexuality. This poses a problem because the mainstream media outlets may mislead these young women to have unrealistic sexual expectations for themselves. In an effort to expose realistic statistics about women’s sexuality and sexual experiences here at University of Maryland, [...]


Kofi Agyemang                                                                                                          04/01/18 As a TV Buff, if there is a topic you are interested in and want to watch something related to it, I’m your guy for recommendations. This past week we discussed sexuality, so I thought I’d recommend a few shows that hit the mark in one way or another when [...]

Boy- Friends

A poem By: William Ryba An early age was friendship made; Neither had others with which to play. Foreign was he who did not speak, Boisterous was he who was incomplete. In tandem they where through thick and thin. Till time together did do them in.   Apart and alone did foreigner feel Friendship lost, [...]

Birth Control Methods Throughout History By:Megan Owens

Birth Control Pill Pack  Throughout history, there has been records of different methods to prevent pregnancies. The reasons for preventing pregnancy often varied: too poor to afford/provide for children, nobility, preventing slaves from getting pregnant, simply didn’t want to get pregnant, avoid pregnancies as a result of rape, and many more. Here are a few [...]

Embracing Sexuality

Sexuality. It’s a topic many are embarrassed or hesitant to talk about. But why? We all experience similar wants and desires yet for so many years women were taught to suppress these feelings. In some religions, women were even encouraged to remain abstinent until marriage. From what I have learned and experienced, I would suppose [...]