Top 5 Children’s Books that Preach Feminism

One solid way of making a difference in the feminist community is organized protests. However, there are many flaws in a lot of organized protests such as: classism, racism, and even sexism against men. A way we can educate everyone about feminism is by beginning at childhood. Here is a list of 5 books that [...]

3 Ways You Can Support the Feminist Movement

The feminist movement has been growing globally since the 1960s, and, together, women have taken great strides towards equality. While there are many milestones to celebrate, such as women’s right to vote, legalizing gay marriage, legalizing a women’s right to choose, etc., there are also many areas where women cannot yet say they have become [...]

Feminism is for everybody

Feminism is quite new to me, hence my reason for taking a women studies class this semester. I never really knew what feminism was, who it was for, what race was predominately the face of feminism but I always felt it wasn't for me. Every time I heard feminist I heard “women who hate men”, [...]

Western Ethnocentrism and its cost to Western Feminisms

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT STAND CRISTINA FERNÁNDEZ DE KIRCHNER, FORMER PRESIDENT OF ARGENTINA; MICHELLE BACHELET, FORMER TWO-TERM PRESIDENT OF CHILE, AND DILMA ROUSSEFF, FORMER PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL. ALL ARE SMILING AND WAVING]. Scholars and activists alike have noticed a disconcerting trend in western feminisms: namely, western feminisms frequently view non-western cultures through an [...]

The White Savior Complex vs. Respecting Cultures

A large side effect of Americans attempting to participate in helping fellow countries around the world is the “White Savior Complex.” This concept is the idea of white Americans believing they have the best, most modern ideologies/culture, while the rest of the world is lagging behind. They believe they can modify cultures and nations in [...]