A New Era

A New Era A poem on activism by Maggie McGreal how can we live In a world in which the patriarchy Trumps the rights deserved by all people By all women A call for equality A call for action silence perpetuates The issue won't end Until we take a stand


If you use the Internet for pretty much anything, you probably came across the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. The movement started when actress Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter to empower women (or men) to use the hashtag to speak up about their sexual harassment or assault, in order to show men how [...]

Women’s Movements Around the World

Although the United States is very strong on a “women’s movement”, not every country has this privilege. Many countries do not have the right to speak out against any sort of oppression, especially for women. However, there is growing progress globally, as highlighted by stories from different countries. As China entered the 1990s, their women’s [...]

Feminism, Activism, and Breaking Stereotypes

Despite these difficult times of stereotypes and politics, feminist activists around the world have been speaking out and leading grassroots efforts to progress the feminist movement. One of these feminist activists is Aya Shehata, shown in the image above, who is studying Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, and Arabic at the University of Pittsburgh. How is she [...]

Getting Involved

Now that you have been shown the complexities and nuances of feminist discourse, you may be asking yourself what you can do. The answer is simple: get involved. But how? You can start by looking into local or online activist groups. Below, I’ll discuss one of the many groups that are out there. This one [...]